Softmount RR-M13

Softmount RR-M13


  • Weapon:

    M2HB-QCB .50 cal/NATO
    (Danish 12.7 mm)

    All types of weapons on order

    Weight:  17,5 kg / 38,5 lbs
    Safety system:  External Safety Lock
    Trigger systems:

    Spade grips & Butterfly trigger, grip
    trigger on handles
    Open bolt system


    Precision shooting. Extreme high
    accuracy. Cartridge economical

    Elevation, plongering: 30° / 55°
    Shoulder support One hand operated

    100 rds box to mount
    Self locking system

    Rate of fire 385-450 rounds per minute
    Attachment fore frame NATO pivot pin

    Accessory Rail (NAR) 
    For auxiliary equipment

    5 rails in total. STANAG 4694
    2 rails in back. 3 rails in front


    Designed to full spectrum
    of climatic conditions