We’re proud to be a trusted supplyer for the defence industry, and have been for many years.

Rubber products for military use

Rubtec is a Danish production Company that supply the Defence Sector all over the world with high technology Military products.

In the creative process and our choice of materials we manufacture our rubber products to be used under extreme conditions, as large variations of temperature. This makes our products long-lasting and able to meet the standards of our customers –high-level and in the field. And minimizes the costs, as well.

We supply defence industries worldwide

Rubtec develops all sorts of equipment to fit any specific application on any vehicle.

We supply the Defence Industries in Austria, Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway among others. Rubtec is listed in NAMSA´s source file and commit programme as a supplier for track pads and road wheels.

Rubber production for more than 30 years

Rubtec have more than 29 years experience with manufacturing of rubber molded items and rubber to metal bonded items, used on military vehicles. We supply the Defence Sector with spare parts for military tracked combat vehicles, such as road wheels, track shoes and rubber pads for tanks and armoured personnel carriers. The last ten years we have moved into developing all sorts of metal parts that service the armed personnel with high-quality rubber and metal applications that meet their needs in battle.

Creative development and solid know-how

We develop new applications according to our customers needs and demands. We are always happy to discuss new possibilities for design and use of our equipment – in close cooperation with our clients. That way we ensure that the equipment meets the demands of the soldiers in the field. Latest new productions is our Soft mounts used for army Land Forces and the Navel Forces onboard the vessels.

Company information

Rubtec A/S is a 100 % Danish Company with production in Canada, Denmark and Germany, established in 1986. We have the equipment to produce a wide range of products and the creative insight to make solutions that fit the armed personnel – high level and in the field.

All suppliers to Rubtec A/S must fulfill the requirements in DS/ ISO 9001:2015 All military products are produced and tested in force to MIL.STD and TL

We’re proud to be a trusted supplyer for the defence industry, and have been for many years.

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